Online wine tasting - digital and easy in your living room


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    Order your desired wine package and we will send it directly to your living room

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    We meet together via Zoom at the agreed time and enjoy the wines together.

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    After the tasting you can watch the video of the tasting in the media library.


Online Tasting Beau Constantia


  • Process can be agreed individually
  • The tasting takes place on Zoom or a platform of your choice
  • A tasting with 3-4 wines takes about 1 - 1.5 hours
  • Free link to the tasting will be sent by email after purchase
  • The wines will be sent to the individual participants (private address).
  • On request, we can also send all wines to one address



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  • Voucher can be redeemed for all online and offline tastings
  • Unlimited validity and free choice of dates
  • The perfect gift
  • Template for Self-printout as PDF accessible
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Online Tasting
Cabernet Sauvignon

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Online Tasting

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Online Tasting mit
Old Road Wine Company

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Max und Moritz Online Weinprobe
  • Lässiger Abend Icon Casual evening: Having fun with wine is paramount
  • Einfach Icon Simply: We deliver the wine directly to your living room - just dial into Zoom and let's go
  • Spannende Gäste Icon Exciting guests: we give you exciting insights into the wine cellars of South Africa
  • Spielerisch verkosten Icon Taste playfully: each virtual wine tasting includes a free tasting sheet with information about the wine

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Linus Online Tasting Teilnehmer
Linus, Munich

Great evening in a nice atmosphere and with lots of background information

Christine Teilnehmerin Online Tasting
Christine, Dortmund

Both Max and Moritz are super likeable! You brought us a little closer to the South African wine culture and in a wonderfully charming way with a lot of wit and humor. I would recommend this evening to everyone!

Tobias Teilnehmer Online Tasting
Tobias, Dusseldorf

It was a very nice evening, I think Max and Moritz are great.

Stefanie Teilnehmerin Online Tasting
Stefanie, Hamburg

Was super interesting and delicious. To recommend.


Can questions be asked during the wine tasting?
We look forward to every question you ask. The best way to do this is to use the comment function during the stream. We will then respond to your question as soon as possible.
Is the tasting recorded?
The tasting will be recorded by us and you can access it again afterwards. If you do not want us to record a tasting that you are attending, we ask that you let us know by email before the tasting.
Is it possible to hold private tastings?
We are happy to organize individual online tastings for private and corporate events. You can easily book this by email. It is best to let us know the date and desired time and the number of people. The following link will take you to our form for private tastings.

Make an inquiry

Do I need a camera or microphone?
A camera or microphone is not absolutely necessary to take part in our online tastings. It is enough if you can see and hear us.
What do I need to take part in an online tasting?
You need a computer or a cell phone/tablet with access to the Internet. To participate you don't have to download any program or anything similar. An internet browser is sufficient. If you have any questions about this, you are of course welcome to contact us.
How long does an average online tasting take?
An average online tasting takes around 1.5 hours. It's best to plan enough time so that you can taste all the wines in peace.
How can I take part in an online tasting?
You can easily buy our online tastings in our shop. You will then receive all important information including dial-ins by email. If you have any questions in this regard, you are of course welcome to contact us at any time.
What types of online tastings are there?

Live Wine Tastings:

1. Purchase a package and have it delivered to your home

2. After purchase you will receive the zoom link for the video of the tasting by email

3. Prepare the wines (open red wines in good time, chill white wine, rosé, MCC)

4. Click on the automatically sent zoom link

5. Lean back & enjoy


Media Library Wine Tastings:

1. Purchase a package and have it delivered to your home

2. After purchase you will receive the Google Drive link for the video of the tasting by email

3. Prepare the wines (open red wines in good time, chill white wine, rosé, MCC)

4. Lean back & enjoy

Wein Online Tasting

The world is going digital. This affects every area of ​​life differently. In the wine trade sector, this is expressed in wine tastings that take place live over the Internet. Especially given the current situation in the world, online wine tastings are becoming more and more popular. That's why we at The WineStore offer the opportunity to order packages with suitable wine tastings online in the shop. Explain within these online tastings Winemaker and connoisseurs, as well as Max & Moritz, wines and related information.

Order a tasting package

Attached to an online wine tasting is a link that adds the tasting to the calendar. After purchasing the package, customers will receive an email with the access data, which grants access to the zoom meeting or a video of the former tasting. This is available either online or by email. The wine package will be sent to your living room together with tasting sheets. Because the virtual tastings have a topic focus, it is possible to join them at any point.

Virtual wine tasting process

To participate, Zoom must be installed on a PC/tablet/mobile phone. To install this, you can simply click on the link to the meeting in the confirmation email. Camera and microphone are not needed. Without it, however, the experience is limited because of contact with the Winemaker or host during the wine tasting is only possible via chat. Before you even join the online wine tasting, you need to prepare the wines you want to enjoy. Red wine is traditionally opened at room temperature almost four hours beforehand, while white wine should be chilled the day before. If Zoom is already installed, all you need to do is click on the link to join the online wine tasting. Once the wine tasting has begun, you and other wine lovers will receive exciting information about wines and their production chains for about an hour. In the wine tastings will be Winemaker or owners of the respective wineries connected live from South Africa and explained details about their creations via a presentation and camera. If a tasting is exclusive to The WineStore, Max & Moritz will explain all the information and details. Questions are of course allowed - even encouraged. After the formal process remains above all Winemaker or winery owners online for a short time to clarify any open questions. Once the call is over, you can spend a lovely evening with a fine selection of wine.