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Introducing Backsberg Family Wines
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(18,2 €/ l)
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Introducing Dieu Donné
Price 1 279 kr 1 214 kr

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Introducing Franschhoek Cellar
Price 711 kr 638 kr

(11,09 €/ l)
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Wine was already known in ancient Greece. However, as a remedy or to disinfect. Later people started drinking red wine, for example in church, but white wine was not seen as a drink. Over time, wine has become more popular and is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages today.


All our wines come from South Africa. We pay attention to high quality and a production filled with passion and love. Would you like to expand your knowledge of wine culture in South Africa? Our wine packages are perfect for this.


To broaden the horizon about wines and theirs Winemaker There is no way to expand without trying out a lot. We have put together the perfect packages for this. With our introductory packages you can get to know a wide variety of winemakers from South African wine regions and discover your favorite.