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Coravin - Model Eleven

Coravin - Model Eleven

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  • Enjoy wine without removing the cork
  • Unsurpassed preservation
  • Easy pouring with the SmartClamps™
  • Coravin Pure Cartridges: 99.99% pure Argon Gas
  • 2 year guarantee









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  • Wein Monatelang Haltbar


    Other wine systems only delay the oxidation of the wine. With the Coravin wine system, your wine can be enjoyed even after weeks, months or years as if the bottle had just been opened.


    All Coravin systems are fundamentally easy to use. In just a few simple steps the wine is ready to be enjoyed. Then simply use argon gas to easily preserve the wine bottle for the next time.

  • Coravin Essenz der Weinkonservierung


    Keep an eye on gas levels, battery charge status, pouring speed and much more with the Coravin Moments app. Combined with the LED color display, the ELEVEN model offers a futuristic and modern experience.

  • Funktionalität Icon How does a Coravin system work?
  • Answer The Coravin wine system is easy to use – pierce, tilt and pour. First, briefly press the trigger to remove air from the needle. Place the Coravin wine system on the bottle and push the needle through the cork. The Coravin system can be used with all still wine cork bottles. Tilt the bottle as you would when pouring from an opened bottle and, with our traditional systems, briefly press the trigger to pressurize the bottle. Release the trigger to pour wine into your glass. With Model Eleven, all you have to do is tilt the bottle to pour. Tilt the bottle back up when you're finished pouring. Remove the needle by pulling the handle straight up. The cork seals itself and continues to protect your wine for weeks, months or even years.
  • Insert and optimally use Pure cartridges
  • Each Coravin Pure cartridge will serve an average of approximately 15 glasses (150ml) of wine. To get the most out of each Coravin Pure cartridge, we recommend setting the dial to a slower pour speed. If you hear hissing when you put the bottle down after pouring, you are using more argon than necessary. You can optimize consumption by reducing the serving quantity. When the level in the bottle is low, more argon is consumed. If you expect to drink the rest of the wine that same day, you should therefore uncork the bottle.

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