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rosé wine is pressed from blue or red grapes and owes its shimmering color to the special way it is prepared. The existence rosé wine is a mixture of white and red wine is a myth. rosé wine presents itself as light wine, which brings a summery freshness to every wine glass. If dry, elegant or fruity with an exquisite finish, wines of this variety prove to be very versatile and appeal to every taste. Rosé is usually presented in delicate salmon colors or strong raspberry pink. The color of the rosé depends on the grape variety and the production method.

The Story of Rose

The history of rosé can be traced back to ancient Greece trace back. It is believed that people back then made a red wine similar to today's rosé wine drank that back then Mixture made from white and red grapes became. Over the years the... rosé wine constantly developed and is known and highly respected worldwide. Today, Rosé is one of the most famous types of wine and is grown and drunk all over the world.

Rosé wines at The WineStore

We from The WineStore have made it our task Wines from South Africa to make it better known here in Europe and to inspire everyone with these great wines. For this reason, we offer a large selection of different types of wines and rosés in our online shop.

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To bring the taste of rosé closer to our customers, we have a wine package compiled, made exclusively from rosés different wineries exists to give you the perfect rosé experience.

The Aromas in the wine package range from strawberry to watermelon and cherry to cotton candy. The rosés are all from different South African wineries and are some of the best the country has to offer.