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White wine packages: Enjoy the variety

If you can't decide between our large selection of high-quality white wines, our white wine packages offer the ideal opportunity to taste and learn about different wineries, grape varieties and aromas. Try the whole variety and find your personal favorite wine for special moments. In our range we offer South African white wine tasting packages that represent the entire viticultural diversity of the country.

Wine for special hours

Nothing goes better with a romantic evening for two in front of the fire in the fireplace than a good white wine. It's good if you always have the right bottle in the house. We have put together a selection of South African white wines for you that will ignite the fire in your heart. Full-bodied aromas and fresh citrus tones are a delight for the palate and the eye.

Wine packages for connoisseurs

Treat yourself to a selection of exquisite white wines, put together in exclusive white wine packages. We offer you quality wines from the best wineries from the most well-known wine regions and with fine aromas. With these packages you have the right wine on your shelf for every occasion. 

white wine packages

With these wine packages you will get to know the full diversity of South African white wines. Every single white wine has its own unique character and taste. From wonderful sparkling and with green notes to full-bodied and soft. Taste the best white wines from South Africa's wineries in our wine packages. From fruity Sauvignon Blanc to Chardonnay, wine lovers will find the right wine from South Africa for every taste and occasion.