South African wines and international awards

South African wines and international awards

Are you looking for exceptional wines that not only pamper your palate but are also internationally recognized? In our online shop for South African wines we are today diving into the fascinating world of South African wines, which are attracting more and more international attention and awards. Find out why these wines are in the spotlight more than ever.


South African Wines: A Rise to the Top

South Africa has undergone a remarkable transformation in the wine world in recent years. The Winemaker have perfected their passion and craft, and the vineyards benefit from the unique climatic conditions. These developments have enabled South African wines to assert themselves on the international stage.




International recognition

South African wines are no longer an insider tip. They are praised worldwide for their quality and variety. More and more wineries in South Africa are relying on sustainability and innovative winemaking techniques to produce wines of the highest quality. This effort pays off as South African wines regularly win international awards.




Diversity and character

One of the remarkable characteristics of South African wines is their diversity. From refreshing Sauvignon Blancs to powerful Cabernet Sauvignons – the range is impressive.




Examples of excellent wines

Some South African wines have gained international attention in recent years. Here are some wines that were particularly honored by wine critic Tim Atkin:

• Kanonkop Paul Sauer: 97 points

• Thelema Chardonnay: 94 points

• Backsberg Family Wines The Patriarch Cabernet Franc 2021: 93 Punkte

• Durbanville Hills The Tangram White: 93 Punkte




Discover the award winners

In our online shop you will find a fine selection of South African wines, including some of the excellent wines mentioned above. These wines have not only won the hearts of critics, but also offer you the opportunity to discover true taste experiences. If you're looking for wines that will hit the world stage while satisfying your taste buds, South African wines are a top choice. Discover the award-winning wines in our shop and experience the unique character of this up-and-coming wine region. Cheers to South African wines taking the world by storm!

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