Fascination of South African wines

Fascination of South African wines

Discover the unique characteristics, variety of grape varieties, and the warm hospitality of South Africa

South African wines have experienced a remarkable rise in the world of wine and are gaining increasing popularity. Discover for yourself why you should get to know the country and its wines.

Characteristic Grape Varieties

Although the Chenin Blanc grape variety originally comes from France, it has gained special significance in South Africa and is frequently cultivated here. The unique climatic conditions and soil types of South Africa give South African Chenin Blanc its very own identity, making it a true ambassador of the country. Another noteworthy grape variety originating from South Africa is Pinotage. This native cross between Pinot Noir and Cinsault produces robust red wines that delight with their characteristic notes of dark berries and spicy aromas. South African wines, therefore, offer a unique combination of internationally recognized grape varieties and native stars that give the wines their special identity.

Phenomenal Terroirs

South Africa offers a fascinating range of unique terroirs. From the cool coastal regions to the sun-drenched high-altitude vineyards, these different conditions give the wines their distinctive character.

Flavor Diversity

South African wines are known for their impressive diversity of flavors. From fruity and fresh white wines with notes of citrus and tropical fruits to robust red wines with nuances of dark berries, chocolate, and spices, you'll find a wide range of taste experiences that will delight you.

Unique Wine Style

South Africa, as a New World Wine Country, has developed a distinctive wine style shaped by its unique climate and special growing conditions. The wines are characterized by their freshness, expressiveness, and elegance, and they have their own character.

Value for Money

South African wines are known for their excellent value for money. Here, you can get top-quality at a reasonable price, allowing you to fully enjoy your wine experience.


In recent years, South African wines have received numerous awards and positive reviews from renowned wine experts, underlining their quality and performance. From acclaimed wine critics like Robert Parker to international competitions, South African wines have won over the hearts of experts.

Sustainable Production

More and more wineries in South Africa are adopting sustainable production methods to protect the environment and improve the taste of their wines. This not only preserves nature but also maintains the special aroma and quality of the wines.

Unique Wine Regions

In addition to the well-known regions, new and emerging wine regions such as Elgin and the Cape Peninsula have established themselves in recent years, known for their excellent wines. These rising wine regions offer exciting discoveries and a variety of tasting experiences.

Hospitality of Wineries

South African wineries are known for their warm hospitality. Here, you can not only taste top-quality wines but also enjoy the breathtaking landscapes and the rich culture of the country. A visit to a South African winery is an unforgettable experience. Find our insider tips here.

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