Enjoyable magic: The best Christmas wines

Enjoyable magic: The best Christmas wines

Christmas is the most festive time of the year, and nothing adds sparkle to this special occasion like a good glass of wine. Whether you're a passionate wine connoisseur or just a casual connoisseur, Christmas wines offer a unique opportunity to celebrate the flavors and spirit of the season. In this blog article we delve into the world of Christmas wines and discover which drops go perfectly with festive dishes and occasions. 


White Christmas with Chardonnay

If you're more of a white wine fan, consider Chardonnay. A good Chardonnay can offer the flavors of butter, vanilla and toasted caramel that go well with many Christmas dishes. Whether you're serving turkey, salmon, or vegetables, a quality Chardonnay can add that special something to your feast. Look for a Chardonnay from South Africa for an unforgettable taste experience. Our suggestion is the Baroness Nadine Chardonnay from Rupert Rothschild.



Elegance in red:

Pinot Noir Pinot Noir is a grape variety that goes well with Christmas. This wine features subtle aromas of red berries, flowers and spices. The light and elegant nature of Pinot Noir makes it an ideal choice for dishes such as roast goose and leg of lamb. It doesn't disturb the flavors of the food, but complements them perfectly. Our suggestion is the Elgin Pinot Noir Boschendal.



Sparkling wine for a special occasion

Christmas is a time of celebration and togetherness. What would be better than toasting with a glass of champagne or sparkling wine? The effervescent elegance and delicate bubbles make these wines a perfect choice to kick off the festivities. Combine them with oysters, canapés or fine caviar to start the evening in style. Our suggestion is the Ruinart Rosé or that Boschendal MCC Gross.



Dessert wines for sweet pleasures

Christmas desserts such as stollen, gingerbread and fruit cake are often sweet and spicy. To match these pleasures, consider a sweet dessert wine. The rich, syrupy profile complements the sweetness of the desserts and completes the feast perfectly. Our suggestion is the Vin d'Or from Boschendal.





Christmas is a time of good taste and enjoyment, and the right choice of wine can significantly increase the festive mood. Whether you choose Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, sparkling or dessert wines, remember that the main thing is to enjoy time with family and friends. Choosing the perfect wine can enhance the holiday meal and make the memories of a wonderful Christmas even more unforgettable. So raise your glass and toast to the joy, love and taste of the Christmas season!

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