Spend the night in paradise: The most beautiful wineries in South Africa

Spend the night in paradise: The most beautiful wineries in South Africa

If you are planning a trip to South Africa, a visit is the impressive wine regions of the country is essential. But why not on one? Winery stay overnight? Many wineries not only offer excellent wines, tastings and dinners, but also luxurious accommodation amidst breathtaking landscapes. In this blog we present ours to you personal favourites before.


Vrede en Lust

Peace and Lust

A merchant named Jacques De Savoye founded it Winery Vrede en Lust in 1688.  In 1691 more than 10,000 vines were planted - 89 years later there are already 80,000 vines. In the tasting room you can learn everything about the history of the winery during a relaxed wine tasting.

In the garden house of the farm is the Spanish-inspired Savoye restaurant, which serves both high-quality specialties and casual dining.

The Winery Vrede en Lust also offers a variety of accommodation options. From the historic Manor House to the Jonkamanshius Cottages and the luxurious Vineyard Rooms, pure relaxation is guaranteed. 



Delaire Graff Estate

Delaire Graff Estate

This offers the ultimate experience Winery Delaire Graff not just because of its excellent wines. The Winery also shines from its culinary best side. You can choose from the Indochine Restaurant and the Delaire Graff Restaurant. Under the direction of the talented chef Virgil Kahn, who has already cooked in Gordon Ramsay's Maze, culinary dreams come true here.

The Winery Delaire Graff However, it has another special feature - one of the most beautiful and extravagant accommodations in the region. Among the various room options, there is even an overnight stay in the owner's house Delaire Graff Estate possible. A truly special experience that you will remember for a long time.



Under Oaks

Under Oaks

The story began on this farm in 2001, when two friends Hans & Bertus came up with the wonderful idea of ​​making wine together. This is today Winery Known among South Africa lovers especially for its excellent red wines.

Bertus, the esteemed Winemaker of Under Oaks, has had a long career in the wine industry. Together with the farm manager and cellar assistant Giert Pietersen (“Toffie”), he always tries to surpass the old vintages every year.

The Winery Under Oaks offers everything from fine boutique wines to excellent wine tastings, delicious pizzas and luxurious accommodation to make anyone's heart beat faster. The rooms are available from around 80 euros per night. So that's it Winery significantly below some accommodations and is therefore a real insider tip.





Founded in 1692 Winery Lancerac in the heart of Stellenbosch offers a glimpse into a magical world. Known worldwide for its excellent wines, Lanzerac offers its visitors much more than just good wine. In addition to a first-class restaurant, you can relax very well in the 5-star hotel with its own spa and wellness area.



Spier Wine Farm

Spier Wine Farm 

The Spier family business has stuck to its own traditions since the farm was founded in 1962. As one of the oldest wineries near Stellenbosch, Spier has a lot to offer in terms of cuisine as well as excellent wines.

The ingredients for the unusual dishes are almost exclusively home-grown and the free-range chickens are also an integral part of the farm.

The family-friendly hotel of the winery offers a nostalgic atmosphere. A very special highlight is the large selection of different restaurants with a large selection of international dishes.

The Spier Hotel also offers various exciting adventure options such as guided bike tours for the whole family. A close encounter with owls and eagles is also a very special attraction that you don't experience every day.

If you are on a family holiday and would like to enjoy a few hours to yourself, you can relax thanks to the childcare available.



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