Stellenbosch Wine Route

Stellenbosch Wine Route


If you haven't had enough wine at the wineries or would like to taste wine after 6 p.m., you should go to the Weinstudio "Brampton” recommended on Kleinstreet. The tables in Brampton can be painted on with chalk and the chef conjures up excellent flatbreads for when you're feeling peckish.

Reservations are recommended in high season!

PHONE: +27 21 883 9097


Bar Brampton Stellenbosch 

Stellenbosch, often referred to as the Stellies by locals, is South Africa's most famous wine region. It is only about 40 minutes from Cape Town by car.

Large renowned wineries can be found here as well as small boutique wine farms.
The peaceful atmosphere and the extremely warm people - I know that this is not uncommon in South Africa, but I still think it's important to mention it today - is already noticeable during the pit stop at the gas station.
Here you are first greeted with a beaming smile and a singing “Good Morning”. But further in the text.
Stellenbosch, with its striking mountain ranges, is one of the most beautiful wine regions in the world. The student town of the same name with its famous university from 1918 still has the same splendor as it did a hundred years ago. But also next to the university, where most of the locals go Winemaker have received their wine education, Stellenbosch has a lot to offer its visitors with its cozy and unique cafés, bars and restaurants.


Zevenwacht vineyard



The name "Zevenwacht" comes from the Dutch "Seven Expectations". It now represents a wine farm with a 300-year history.
Purchased in 1992, this one was Winery modernized by Harold and Denise Johnson. Today it is one of South Africa's leading wine producers.
The estate pays a lot of attention to both preserving the local culture and maintaining fair working conditions.
The slopes around that Winery around is home to one of the region's largest past commercial ventures; the tin faces. The tools and machines are still there as contemporary witnesses Winery Find Zevenwacht. For this reason this is Winery Always worth a visit.


  • Monday – Saturday from 09:00 to 18:00
  • Sundays from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m


  • 15 edge: 3 wines
  • 25 Rand: 5 wines


  • Zevenwacht Restaurant: Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • It is possible to have picnic baskets on the Winery to acquire
  • The Winery has a playground for its little guests


Warwick wine estate


With Michael Ratcliffe, Warwick is already in the third generation of the family. After the end of the Anglo Boer War, the historic farm once known as 'De Goede Sukses' was purchased by Commander William Alexander Gordon in 1902.
Stan Ratcliffe bought the farm in April 1964 after a long search for the best location for growing his grapes.
After completing her apprenticeship, his wife Norma successfully began to create her own wines. In 1984, Warwick launched its first Cabernet Sauvignon.
He is known as 'La Femme Bleu' because of his wife Norma.


  • Every day from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m


  • 25 Rand: complete tasting
  • Cellar tours on request


  • The Winery offers a small Land Rover safari through the wine region.
  • Picnic baskets are available for purchase during the South African summer months.

Kleine Zalze wine estate


In 1683, Nicholas Cleef, a German immigrant, founded the Winery Kleine Zalze, which today is called Winery operated by the family.
Johan Joubert, the Winemaker of Kleine Zalze, creates top-quality wines every year that are not only widely recognized in South Africa. In addition to the excellent wines, the... Winery also luxurious accommodation options and a first-class golf course.


  • Monday – Saturday from 09:00 to 18:00
  • Sundays from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m


  • 15 edge: 3 wines
  • 25 Rand: 5 wines
  • 85 Beach: Käseplatte

Tokara wine estate


Tokara – existing since 2000 – not only offers first-class wines, olive oil and brandy – no!
The Winery offers a breathtaking view of the Stellenboschtal. It has an art gallery, a restaurant with one of South Africa's best chefs and even a playground for the little ones.
Compared to many other wineries in South Africa, it is Tokara about a modern one Winery in the style of industrial architecture.


  • Every day from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m


  • 45 Rand: Winetasting


  • Tokara Restaurant
    Open for both lunch and dinner Tuesday through Sunday (no Sunday dinner)
  • Deli Restaurant
    Tuesday to Sunday for breakfast and lunch


If you want to take a break from new discoveries on the palate, the breathtaking hiking trail in the Jonkershoek Nature Reserve called "Tweede Werfall Hiking Trail" is the best choice.
With a view of the idyllic waterfall, you can let your thoughts wander and give the cuvée a break in your stomach.


A special insider tip that broadens the horizons and taste palette, especially for pleasurable drinkers and self-proclaimed alcohol experts, is the Route 44 market on the outskirts of Stellenbosch.
Wine, beer and cocktails can be enjoyed here as well as all kinds of culinary delights.
For me personally, it is always spectacular how wine and various dishes harmonize. These so-called food pairings can hardly be more different and unusual. A particularly special representative, known under the name "Brenaissance", carries out a wine-pizza pairing.


The breathtaking "Jan Marais Park" is home to live shows by more and less renowned bands and other artists during the warm season. Despite the "South Africa virus" that everyone catches as soon as they make their first steps in the cute-looking lobby of Cape Town airport after the exhausting flight, which feels comparable to riding a bicycle without training wheels for the first time, sometimes it is nice to arouse a few local resentments in paradise.

The Stellenbosch Craft Beer Festival, which is also held in Jan Marais Park, is ideal for this. Here, local micro breweries present their beer creations to thirsty guests (April 16, 2017).

PHONE: +27 76 416 7230


  • R100 (adult, with beer glass)
  • R85 (adult, with beer mug)
  • R50 (kids, 12-17 years)
  • Free (children under 12)



In addition to numerous excellent feasts and wine farms, Stellenbosch is also known for its excellent university in the heart of Stellenbosch. Smart minds from all over the world come together here to change the world together. Do the same as the students, also known as “maties” locally, and take a break from the strenuous wine tasting in the Botanical Gardens of Stellenbosch University and recharge your batteries so that you can then stick your nose deep into the glass again in top form.

A special tip from me to end the warm summer evenings is the Balboa Balcony Bar, which welcomes you with selected music in an elegant ambience.

TELEPHONE+27 21 886 7110


By far the best transportation choice is to rent a car, which can be hired for trips to the Stellenbosch wine region along the N1 or from one of the many car rental companies in Cape Town (e.g. Avis: 123 Strand St, Schotsche Kloof, Cape Town, 8001). The prerequisites for this are above all a normal driving license and an empty liver. If you consume alcohol, you are quickly taken out of circulation and even risk being in prison, and there is certainly no wine cellar that you would trust such a unique wine nation to be able to do - so it is better to spit out the good drop again, no matter how difficult it is.

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