From grapes to wine: a journey through the world of Pinotag

From grapes to wine: a journey through the world of Pinotag

History of the Pino Day

Pinotage is a red wine variety that was developed specifically in South Africa. The production of Pinotage began in the 1920s when the South African wine pioneer and professor at Elsenburg Agricultural College, Abraham Isaac Perold, started combining different grape varieties to develop a new variety adapted to South African conditions. Perold managed the grape varieties Pinot Noir and Hermitage (also known as Cinsault) together and named the resulting grape variety Pinotage. The first harvest of Pinotage grapes took place in 1925. Nevertheless, it took several decades before the grape variety became really popular. Began in the 1950s the South African ones Winemaker, Pinotage in to grow on a larger scale, and in the 1960s the grape variety became the National grape variety of South Africa explained. Today, Pinotage is mainly grown in South Africa. Also in other countries, such as B. New Zealand and Canada, the Pinotage grape is now cultivated. Pinotage remains primarily a South African wine specialty.


Production of the Pinotag

Pinotage is obtained by growing Pinotage grapes produced in warm and dry regions with a well-drained soil. The grapes are hand-picked, sorted and cleaned, then fermented in a tank or cask to convert the natural sugars into alcohol. The wine then matures in oak barrels or steel tanks. Before bottling, the wine is filtered. Depending on the applied technique and method can the final Pinotage wine styles vary.



Pinotage wines have a wide Spectrum of flavors such as berries, spices, vanilla and Chocolate. These aromas depend on the production methods, storage, age and growing area. Although every Pinotage wine has its individual taste and character, it can also be within a and the same Bottle come to differences, as it is a natural product which can vary every year.


Peculiarities of the Pinotage

one of the special features of the Pino day is his unique taste. Pinotage usually has a strong berry note, often with Aromas of blackberries, raspberries and currants on. Some Pinotage wines also have slightly smoky, chocolatey notes that come with the use of oak barrels during the aging process. Pinotage often also has a spicy note and a tannic structure that makes it one of South Africa's most powerful wines.

Another factor, which is the grape variety Pinotage what makes it so unique are his high demands and the soil and the climate. It thrives best in warm and dry regions with well-drained soil, making it a grape variety that very closely related to South African culture and Story connected.


The best Pinotage wines from South Africa

There are numerous excellent Pinotage wines from South Africa. The following wines are among those most renowned Pinotage wines from South Africa:




The right wine region


One of the best wine regions for Pinotage is in South Africa Stellenbosch. One of the country's most respected wine regions, Stellenbosch is known for its excellent wines of all varieties, including Pinotage. A prevails in the region Mediterranean climate with warm daytime temperatures and cool nights, which optimally favors the ripening of the grapes.


They grow in Stellenbosch Pinotage grapes on different soils and in various climate zones, resulting in different flavors and textures in the wines. In addition, there are many renowned wineries that specialize in the production of Pinotage specialize and whose wines have often received awards and international recognition.

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