Wine glasses for red wine: which glass for which wine?

Wine glasses for red wine: which glass for which wine?

Function of the different glasses

The properties of the wine glasses are often underestimated or the different shapes are only seen as decoration, but each wine glass has its function.
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Cabernet Sauvignon Weinglas Erklärung

The Cabernet wine glass

The Cabernet wine glass was specially designed to allow the wine to smell more intensely. Never fill your glass with wine over the widest part of the glass.

Types of wine for this glass: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc


Burgundy Weinglas Erklärung

The burgundy wine glass

Here we have a wider glass so that it can hold the fine aromas of the wine.
In addition, the glass has a shorter stem so that it cannot tip over so easily.

Types of wine for this glass: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay


Bordeaux Weinglas Erklärung

The Bordeaux wine glass

The perfect glass for full-bodied wines - you can also use it as an all-rounder for other wines.
The glass is tall - the wine travels slightly to the back of the mouth instead of staying on the tip of the tongue.
It lets you taste all the aromas without the wine containing bitter nuances.

Types of wine for this glass: Cabernet Sauvignon, Bordeaux Blends


Zinfandel Weinglas Erklärung

The Zinfandel Wine Glass

The Zinfandel wine glass is shorter than a Bordeaux wine glass and fitted with a slightly larger rim so you can experience the full taste and smell of the wine.
The bowl itself is small, but still large enough for your wine to breathe.
The glass enhances the overall taste of the wine and your overall drinking experience.


Pinot Noir Weinglas Erklärung

The Pinot Noir wine glass

The Pinot Noir glass has the widest bowl of any wine glass. The wine has a lot of contact with air - this improves the aroma and taste of the wine. The glass is large enough to swirl the wine, and the crystal clear glass allows you to watch the wine as you do this.

Types of wine for this glass: Pinot Noir


Rosé Weinglas Erklärung

The rosé wine glass

Rosé glasses have a long stem that ensures the warmth of your hand doesn't affect the wine.

Types of wine for this glass: Rosé


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